Focus Learning Academy Debuts New and Improved Website

Focus Learning Academy, a charter high school in Columbus, Ohio, recently debuted its new and improved website. After having several meetings with stakeholders as varied as Focus staff, students, and community members, the eSchool Consultants Marketing Team, in concert with the Programming Department, decided that the site needed to be both more accessible and more current with relevant and interesting content. To this end, several features were added to the new website:

  • An up-to-date event calendar, photo gallery, and news section
  • Integration with several social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Accessible information in the form of an archive of pertinent documents, an explanation of Focus Initiatives, and interactive Google Maps
  • Easy paths of communication, whether they be via the contact form, a sortable staff directory, or the ability to comment on posted news articles and photo galleries

The Leadership Team at Focus Learning Academy is excited about the new website and is confident that it will be an effective tool to communicate with students, parents, and the local community too. Please check out the site and recommend Focus to any students interested in earning their high school diploma while preparing for the workforce.